A Welcome Note from Wendi

A Welcome Note from Wendi

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Hi there! I’m Wendi, and welcome to my Good Things Market. As someone who has always had a drive to create things that are good for people and help them find joy in their lives, I started a restaurant in Alamosa, Colorado called Locavores in 2016. I left my stable corporate job to start my fast- casual, farm-to table, restaurant with the focus of serving, “fresh inspired food.” Four years later, it was thriving and I was full of hopes and dreams for expansion.

Then, as we all know, 2020 happened. When COVID-19 hit and shutdowns forced many businesses to close their doors, we went into business survival mode. I had decided early on that keeping my employees safe and working was my biggest priority. I was willing to shift our entire business model and do whatever it took to meet that objective. My team had given so much to me and it was my turn to show them they had bet on the right person.

Within a week, Locavores launched delivery and an online grocery store. We filled our grocery store with food staples and other necessities to meet a need in our community. At that time when empty shelves at grocery stores were creating panic, we stepped up to be there for our community. While also keeping our lights on and our employees paid.

I learned a lot during that time. I found there was need for fun, specialty items that my rural community didn’t have easy access to. I wanted to provide a place where people could access items that made them smile and brought a little sophistication into their lives. That’s how Wendi’s Good Things Market was born.

I know how hard it can be to find joy in tough circumstances. I grew up poor and had to raise myself to survive. I’ve known hard times when finding joy isn’t easy. We all come with our own baggage. But I’ve learned that I can find joy in small things, and in little ways – every single day. I learned that you can change your life, and you can get on the right track. If you’re not happy where you’re at, you can make different decisions and do something each day to improve your life. Even little things, like how you make dinner, can really change your entire perspective.

I want to be another person in your corner that’s cheering you on saying, “Yes, you can do this!” I hope through my market I can bring help you laugh and smile. Play fancy, play silly, play whatever! Through something as simple as cooking with fun ingredients, or using a beautiful soap, or giving a personal gift, I hope it helps you create a little joy. Here at Wendi’s Good Things I want to create more of what supports people doing good things, and living a life that brings them a lot of happiness.

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