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Wendi’s Good Things Market is creating a lot of buzz. Here’s a little Q&A with Wendi herself about all the good things her new Market has to offer.

Q: Where do you find all of these fun things? Do you only carry things made in Colorado?

Wendi: It’s not all from Colorado, but there is a lot from Colorado here because I love this place. The San Luis Valley is a hidden gem. It’s just beautiful here. Everyone, even if they don’t live here, should have Colorado in their soul.

I also really love flavors and designs from the Southwest. I feel like we have a lock on flavor here, and we’re not afraid of a little punch. So, I look for items from the Southwest in particular.

Q: What do you look for in the companies whose products you sell in the Market?

Wendi: I like to promote women-owned businesses. As a woman business owner, I understand what’s uniquely challenging for others like me and I want to show my support.

Everything I carry here is small batch and craft made. I find that small businesses have the best quality because they specialize in one thing and the original designer and crafter is still connected to the process. Each item is seen as a masterpiece.

Q: What’s your favorite product in the Market?

Wendi: Do you mean my favorite today? It’s always changing. But right now, I’m in love with these hand carved wooden measuring spoons! I’m a believer in things that are natural and real. Authentic things remind us to be authentic and grounded. These are made by hand – and not many things are created that way anymore. They’re engraved and tied together on a piece of twine. It’s just so real and natural – and useful every day. When I see these, I want to bake something. I think they’re pretty just sitting out on the counter. When I see them, I feel happy.

Q: What’s your hope for the Market?

Wendi: I want to connect with people. To be a hub for people that are inspired and are on a personal journey in their life for good things. I want to create a community of people in search of good. If a customer purchased from our online market and then came out to visit us in Alamosa because they wanted to see it in person, that would make me so happy. Honestly, it I’d probably cry. Because they came all this way to connect, because they wanted a piece of Colorado in their heart.

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