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How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Farmhouse Inspired Home

Space has such a huge impact on our overall mood. And color is an important factor in creating the mood we want. In the spaces I create, whether it’s my restaurant or home, I want people to feel peaceful, happy, and inspired while they’re present. Current trends are dominated by a white, stainless steel, black and gray aesthetic. This can feel a little drab and even depressing at times. On the other hand, it creates a wonderful blank canvas you can play with.

I’ve had my own “aha!” moments (and fails) when it comes to the on-purpose use of color. When I first opened my restaurant Locavores, I took the brand colors and painted them everywhere! This meant some walls were green and some orange (don’t judge, I was excited, lol). When we would put signage or other important information up, it would get lost in all the color! Eventually, we repainted to warm neutrals – and it completely changed the atmosphere for the better. Now when some signage goes up, you’re naturally drawn to it.

That’s what I think is so great about the neutral palette; it’s a blank canvas that doesn’t fight with anything else. There is such beauty and elegance in that. It really allows whatever your personality is to pop. There are a lot of fun ways you can add a pop of color to your white farmhouse style. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Neutral Vases With Seasonal Foliage. A white vase with some beautiful texture is perfect for this idea. It’s so easy and inexpensive to change out the foliage and add brightly colored flowers that are seasonally appropriate. You can put tree leaves that are bright yellow or orange for fall, then switch to evergreens for Christmas, or tulips for Spring, and maybe daisies for Summer. You can have a different décor color for each season it’s really easy to switch up.
  2. Seasonal Throw Pillows. Typically, furniture is a major element of our overall décor. If your furniture is also neutral, you might start feeling uninspired. Seasonal throw pillows are a perfect solution. This is a chance to bring in a bright happy yellow in the summer and pair it will a teal or even something a bit more muted like lavender and green. If your vase across the room also shares these shades, you’re killing it!
  3. Using Food. This isn’t a new idea, but I remain fond of using fruit and other yummy treats as ways to add pops of color in the kitchen. You can use green Granny Smith apples, oranges or lemons as a start. Or, get super fancy and keep up with a Kardashian by arranging a cookie display in a jar.
  4. Colorful appliances. This is a big commitment to color (and budget), but I just love the look of these vintage-inspired appliances! A bit out of my budget, but if my current range goes out, I’ll call it a sign.

There are lots of small and big ways you can have a completely remade design by adding accessories and color to your farmhouse style. Take some risks and experiment. Even a pop of another neutral like camel or teal is beautiful. In a year in which we’ve had to stay close to home, it’s a good opportunity to create your favorite travel spot within your own space. Here at Wendi’s Good Things Market we want to help you do that.

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