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5 Ways Farmhouse Décor has Evolved

Although not a designer by trade, I have always been interested in how space impacts mood. Making the space where you live reflect who you are and bring you joy is a passion of mine. Although I live on a farm, I would say my personal style is a blend… part farm, part city. I can appreciate both a vintage lived-in feel as well as a clean, modern uncluttered environment. This eclectic viewpoint is probably why I was slow to fully embrace the farmhouse style and why I have been excited to see how it is evolving. Here are five ways that I think farmhouse décor has evolved and how you can get ahead of the trend:

1. Make it your own.

When farmhouse décor first hit the scene, it was an explosion of shiplap and all things Joanna Gaines. Joanna has been a great teacher to so many of us about how to make design approachable and fun. But now, it is no longer about attempting to replicate what a design guru creates. Just having a replication of someone else’s look lacks originality and creativity. There is a definite trend towards the bravery of adding your own unique style and creativity into the mix.

2. Usable products.

Another evolution in farmhouse décor is with usable products. It’s not just about the cute, country, milk cans sitting in the corner anymore. People are moving away from the faux farm life (thank goodness!) It’s about real, functional, products that can be used rather than just looked at. For instance, in the Market, we carry these little wooden measuring spoons. I love them because they speak to an authentic lifestyle. And they are actually what I use in the kitchen. They aren’t just decoration that sits out to give an appearance. There is a level of authenticity that this gives a space. It’s no longer just “styled” as something – it’s real!

Natural Macawood Measuring Spoon Set, $24.00

3. Craft food products.

Another shift in farmhouse style is a focus on what is inside the cupboards, not just what color the cupboards are painted. Again, it points to creating a lifestyle that is authentic to who you and how you live, rather than just decorating as a farmhouse. A few examples of this trend are keeping dill pickles from The Real Dill, on your shelf. This small batch, craft pickle company product is rich in flavor and looks just like a jar you would pickle yourself! It is both tasty to eat and pretty to look at on display.

Another product is Red Camper jams. This small batch jam company produces rich and unique flavors. My other favorite is maple syrup from Maple Craft Foods in Vermont. It’s the real deal and it shows in the quality and usability. I love these products because they’re hand produced and real. Products like these are a real push to live a crafted lifestyle rather than just having one designed.

Picnic Four-Pack Gift Set by Red Camper, $27.99

4. Have fun with it.

Farmhouse décor is rapidly changing from a single clean, white aesthetic. Designers and DIYers are getting adventurous and adding color. This is seen in painting their kitchen islands a completely different color, and adding fun pops to their décor. I like to do this in my own home through throw pillows and flower arrangements.

Iron Rooster, $32.00

5. It’s an experience.

Farmhouse décor has developed into an entire experience. It’s no longer just about visuals it’s also about the senses. Textures, cozy elements, and scents in the air. This is why I love carrying candles, beautiful soaps, and cozy stocking hats  in my Market. These products awaken all your senses at home and send cozy signals. It’s not about the silly, empty milk jars anymore; it’s an entire lived in experience.

Grandma's Kitchen Candle, $24.99 Vintage Colorado State Flag Beanie, $24.99

So, if you’re wanting to get ahead on trends, you’ll want to begin making your farmhouse style your own.  You can do this by incorporating useable products and craft foods. In terms of home design, experiment with pops of color and be willing to add in unexpected textures and scents that speak to all the senses.



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