The Best Cozy Gifts for Coffee Lovers: Beans to Mugs (2021)

The Best Cozy Gifts for Coffee Lovers: Beans to Mugs (2021)-[shop_name]

For many of us, coffee is so much more than a drink - it’s a morning ritual, a bonding activity with friends, a self-care routine, and, let’s be honest, the key to functioning as a productive human! This year, give the coffee lover in your life a gift they’ll love almost as much as they love their morning cup of joe.  From coffee beans to coffee-flavored treats, these gifts are sure to make any caffeine-obsessed person in your life smile (and keep them awake)! 

8 Gifts for Coffee Lovers (Under $50)

Keep their shelves stocked with beans, coffee treats, and coffee-making kitchen essentials with these practical and thoughtful gifts. Tip: Pair two or three together for the ultimate gift set. 

1. Colorado Campfire Gourmet Coffee Beans

    Colorado Campfire Gourmet Coffee

    For an obvious gift any coffee lover will enjoy, look no further than coffee beans! Transport their taste buds to a peaceful Colorado campfire with these coffee beans. Think: a toasty mix of creamy hazelnut with cinnamon. Yum!

    Shop now: Colorado Campfire Gourmet Coffee Beans

    2. Farmers Blend Gourmet Coffee 

      Farmers Blend Gourmet Coffee

      This coffee is a perfect pick-me-up. Drink it in the morning or early afternoon for the perfect java experience.  It’s made with a blend of 80% Costa Rican beans and 20% Ethiopian beans for a hearty roast that’s good, honest, and true - like the farmers in our community. 

      Shop now: Farmers Blend Gourmet Coffee

      3. The Perfect Coffee Spoons

        Gold Perfect Coffee Spoons

        As coffee lovers ourselves, we know the experience of stirring creamer into our cup of joe is therapeutic. Make it extra special with these coffee spoons. They're’ the perfect length and width for getting the job done in a way that’s as luxurious as your loved one deserves. 

        Shop now: The Perfect Coffee Spoons

        4. Wendi’s Good Things Market Mug

          Wendi’s Good Things Market Mug

          Because every coffee drinker needs the perfect mug. Every time they sip on this 12 oz ceramic mug, they’ll be reminded to nourish goodness in their life! 

          Shop now: Wendi’s Good Things Market Mug

          5. Good Things Gourmet Food Basket

          Woman holding a box of Gourmet foods

          For a fancy and fun care package, our Good Things Gourmet Food Basket is packed with simple luxuries. Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll get: sweater weather mug, zebra pasta, hot chocolate, a scarf, and more!  

          Shop now: Good Things Gourmet Food Basket

          6. Handwoven Pillow

            Handwoven Pillow

            Anyone and everyone will love cuddling up with this handwoven pillow. The color is lightweight, but it’s also forgiving for wear and tear. And the side tassels give it just the right amount of a unique flair! 

            Shop now: Handwoven Pillow

            7. Noel Botanicals Calm Candle

              Noel Botanicals Calm Candle

              Combining floral and herbal scents, this candle is soothing - as the name suggests - and the perfect companion for any coffee-drinking experience. Once they enjoy the candle, the gift keeps giving - the glass vessel is a beautiful container for upcycling (perhaps for stashing coffee beans?) 

              Shop now: Noel Botanicals Calm Candle

              8. Wendi’s E-Gift Card

                Wendi’s E-Gift Card

                When in doubt - a gift card is a wonderful option! That way, your gift receiver can choose whatever coffee beans, cozy decor, or candles they choose. Plus, if you’re tight on time, this gift card delivers straight to an email inbox. No shipping, no waiting! 

                Shop now: Wendi’s E-Gift Card

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