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Thin and crispy, these tomato and oregano breadsticks are delicious! Great for dipping.

Product Size: 11Hx4Wx1.75D / 4.4 oz. (124.74G)
Made in Italy

Sometimes you just need something crunchy to snack on!  These roasted corn snacks from Love, Corn are perfect! 

1.6 oz


Cranberry pistachio crisps are another perfect addition to a charcuterie board.  The mix of tart cranberry, roasted pistachio and earthy rosemary and a myriad of seeds make it both tasty and good for you.  

I like to add crackers, or in this case crisps, to charcuterie boards because they are colorful, uniquely shaped.  They also have a way of working with gourmet cheeses to enhance flavors. 

Crackers and Chips

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of chips and crackers? Whether you love to pair your crackers with cheese, a creamy dip, or love them exactly as they are, our chips and crackers are the perfect, go-to snacks. Now that you know what you’re snacking on, take a look at our serving trays & cutting boards made for all your future charcuterie spreads!

Ingredients for the perfect “Happy Hour”

Complete your next happy hour with one of our elixirs or cocktail mixers. They have just the right amount of flavor without being too sweet = the perfect cocktail. Add some olives and cheese from our Graze Collection, and you’ve got yourself all the ingredients to a perfect Saturday afternoon! Plus, the mixers and elixirs are sourced from innovative, small craft companies that give individual attention to each and every product. These makers are truly artists in their industry!

About Wendi from Wendi’s Good Things Market

Wendi’s Good Things Market is owned by Wendi Seger, entrepreneur from Colorado. With a love of food, home decor, handcrafted goods, Wendi curated her favorite pieces all in one space. The goal: build a connected community and share the spirit of living a purposeful and joyful life. Each piece is carefully selected with love for not only the product, but also the maker. And as a female entrepreneur, Wendi intentionally promotes women-owned business.

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