Meet Wendi

Wendi’s Good Things Market is owned by Wendi Seger. She and her husband, Matt, are potato farmers in Colorado’s stunning San Luis Valley. The Seger family has farmed in Colorado for more than 50 years.

The Market launched in 2020 as an extension of Locavores, the fast-casual restaurant focused on serving “fresh inspired food” founded by the Segers. Since 2016, Locavores has been serving a regionally sourced menu and rea food made fresh daily to rave reviews from local and tourist customers. Learn more about Locavores at

Wendi’s Good Things Market was born out of the need to innovate and meet new needs in the community when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020. The San Luis Valley community, like many others across the country, experienced a shortage of meat, fresh food, and household supplies due to disrupted supply chains. Acting quickly, Wendi tapped her restaurant suppliers to offer Locavores’ customers access to items that were sold out at the groceries.

As grocery stores returned to normal, Wendi discovered that there was a desire for gourmet specialty products and foods not typically sold in her small-town community. That observation led to the expansion of the Market and the decision to establish it as its own brand, separate from Locavores, so it could serve online customers as well as locals.

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