Our Story

Hey friend,

I wish I could say that Wendi’s Good Things Market started with a plan of some sort.  But that is the furthest from the truth. In March of 2020 I was the owner of a thriving farm to table fast casual restaurant in Alamosa, Colorado.  When covid closures were approaching close to home, I sat in my office with my head in my hands.  If I didn’t act quickly, we would be closing our doors and my employees would be without jobs.  I felt so hopeless and responsible for their livelihoods.  I couldn’t bear the impending doom.

As grocery store shelves were emptied, I got an idea.  I have supplies from different supply chains and could provide staples not easily accessed from the stores.  The market was born overnight.  So, in addition to a greek salad or gyro, customers would also get a head of lettuce, pound of rice, or yeast to make bread.  We sold bulk sanitizer, masks, and even toilet paper.  Our philosophy was that if it wasn’t nailed down, we’d sell it!

In addition to that, I would go live with cooking classes, tell jokes and even do home organization tips.  To be honest, it was as much for me as for anyone else.  It made me laugh.  It made others laugh at all the ridiculous things we were doing and selling. It was also our way of inspiring, especially women to find joy in a dismal time. 

During this time we began creating our own line of market products in a small shop on the farm.  By the time  the grocery store supply chain caught up, we had amassed a following of women who were kind of like me; motivated goal-oriented moms, wives, career women from small towns that loved the home and lifestyle trends I had been sharing. 

Since March of 2022, we have grown from the farm to a workshop and are looking at moving to a 13,000 sq ft. warehouse this winter.  Our products are now in 46 states and 3 countries. All of that is exciting, but our ultimate goal is to grow in genuine connection with the goal-oriented woman navigating these times.  From teaching how to make homemade vanilla, easy seasonal decorating tips, or behind the scenes from the market, we look forward to growing this community!




The Story Behind the Market

When we set out on the path towards our dreams, we might find ourselves taking unexpected turns.