Our Story

Yes You Can.

Hey friend,

Hi there! It’s me, Wendi. And I want you to know, right off the bat, that I’m a big-dreaming, failing forward, joy-seeking, female entrepreneur. I tell it like it is over on Instagram and make sure you’re getting everything you need here at the Good Things Market.

If you take away one thing about me, it’s that I believe every good life starts with one good thing. That’s right; it’s all about small and intentional steps here at the market. Because creating a good life starts with choosing one good thing each day and I consider it an honor and privilege to provide you that space here for you to choose.

And let me let you in on a little secret. What you choose to surround yourself with is so much more than that one thing. It’s representative of the joy you want to feel, the peace of mind you want to experience, and the kind of life you ultimately want to lead. That’s the power of something good — it nurtures our souls and inspires us to live meaningful lives.

What does that life look like? That’s the beautiful thing; it’s completely up to you. And I’m right here, alongside you, figuring out what I want my life to look like too. Together, we’re a community of big-dreaming, failing forward, joy seekers who are creating, expressing, and discovering what’s possible when we choose to have good things in our lives.

So looking forward to being on this journey alongside you. With love from CO,




The Story Behind the Market

When we set out on the path towards our dreams, we might find ourselves taking unexpected turns.

Our Story

Our journey to getting ‘there’ is filled with all of the pieces. Happiness, excitement, heartache, and yes, pain too. It’s these ups and downs that make for a good story. And truly living your best on-purpose life means that you feel joy. To me? That means the total understanding and acceptance of all of who you are exactly where you are.

Our journeys call for us to show up as our most authentic and true selves. And this is what my own personal journey has called me to do.

As someone who has always strived to create, do good, and help others find joy — I left my corporate job in 2016 to embark on that journey. My dream was to start a fast-casual, farm-to-table, restaurant and I did just that. For four years, we were thriving and I was full of hopes and dreams for future expansion. Then COVID-19 hit.

While shutdowns forced businesses to close their doors, we went into business survival mode. We saw where the need was in our community and we responded to it. Within a week, we launched delivery and an online grocery store filled with food staples and necessities. At a time when empty grocery store shelves were creating panic, we stepped up to be there for our community, while still keeping our lights on and our employees paid.

Just as much as we stepped up to be there for our small rural community, they stepped up to be there for us too. And they showed me that not only was there a need for basic necessities but there was a deep desire for gourmet specialty items too. Which led me to the idea of creating a market where people could have access to items that they needed and wanted.

And so Wendi’s Good Things Market was born out of a mission to serve both local and online customers with quality, crafted, and curated products that nourish, revitalize, and inspire.

Because I understand how much we all want to find joy in the midst of tough circumstances. Having grown up poor, finding joy wasn’t always easy. But if I know one thing it’s that if you know where to look, you can find joy even in the smallest of things. And that’s what I know I’m here to show people how to do. Because just as much as there are bad times in life, there will also be good times, and we all have the potential to create the kinds of lives we want to lead.

It all starts with making small changes and surrounding yourself with good things — that’s how you start to change your perspective and, ultimately, your life.

That’s what the market is here for. To make you laugh, smile, cheer you on, and remind you that “Yes, you can do this!” So try out one of our delicious recipes, sip on some of our fresh brewed coffee, and light a relaxing and heavenly-smelling candle. Whatever product you choose is an investment in you, your future, and your joy. So choose something good today.