Workshop in Alamosa

Things are on the move....In January of 2022, we opened a 1400 sq ft workshop just down from our brick and mortar location market location in Alamosa, Colorado.  The market at that time was located within the restaurant we owned.

In March of 2023, we sold the restaurant.  This has left us without a brick and mortar location and ecommerce only working out of the workshop in Alamosa.

We're continuing to grow and this location is only a temporary solution as we've put into motion plans to build our own brick and mortar and warehouse facility on our farm in Del Norte, Colorado.

Although the workshop is not currently set up for retail sales, you can order online and pick up locally.  You can also schedule a tour with us ahead of time by calling (719)589-2157 or email us at

Stay tuned!  Great things and great plans are heading your way!