4 Fun Fall Things to Do

4 Fun Fall Things to Do

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It’s that time of the year when the evening air cools and leaves crunch under your feet. Fall is the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice when you can wrap up in your favorite blanket and sip cider. 

 I love this time of the year. There is something quite magical about the striking colors, the soothing breeze, and the sweet smell of pumpkin spice – it cannot get better than this!

Here are 4 of my favorite fun things to do in the fall.

Go for a Hike

Mostly, it is the simplest things that can bring the most joy, like the crisp sound of autumn leaves. That is the reason why going for a walk in the woods is one of my favorite fall activities. The red, orange and yellow leaves look incredible with the gray fall sky–it’s a mesmerizing view.

This is a perfect activity for the whole family! Your kids will love jumping in the giant piles of leaves while you can enjoy the peace, quiet, and natural magnificence!

Go Apple Picking

Visiting an orchard is an ideal addition to the fun fall things to do! My fall is incomplete without going to pick apples with my family. The beautiful apples range from dark green to bright red, making up a beautiful scenic view. All these colors represent different flavors, which you can use to make something delicious.

Get Baking

Nothing says ‘fall’ more than the smell of pies, bread, and cookies baking. I love baking this season. Baking warms up the kitchen just enough on those fall evenings, and autumn produce–pumpkin, apples, D’Anjou pears, and fresh cranberries are abundantly available abundantly.

I love baking different varieties of pumpkin bread and apple pie this season. If you love the enhanced pumpkin flavor as I do, then you can use my pumpkin spice maple syrup to take your pumpkin bread to the next level.

Add some quick fall decorations

At Wendi’s Good Things market, you can get your hands on exceptional fall-inspired home décor items. From beautiful dried flowers to scented candles, small fall-themed items can make a big difference in the look of your home and make it feel cozier.

I believe fall is the loveliest time of the year and a time for intentional time with friends and small joys that make life worth celebrating! So, make the most out of this occasion by indulging yourself in fun activities and decorating your surroundings in the best possible way! I hope that my ideas give you some fun fall things to do!

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