Fall Mood Board and Color Palette

Fall Mood Board and Color Palette

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In years past, I would pop into Hobby Lobby or Target for fall decor and come out with whatever home decor or items that caught my eye.  It's no wonder that my decor bins are sort of a disaster of different design styles and colors.  I am loving a new way of living where I am proactively creating mood boards and color palettes BEFORE heading to the store.  I am looking through what I already have and finding pieces to compliment what I already have rather than starting from scratch.   It feels way less wasteful, more organized and on purpose.  I thought I would share this process with you!  Here is my color palette:

1.  Fall Color Palette

You'll notice the typical ambers and oranges are there, but there are more neutral and less intense.  These fall colors are a bit more sophisticated than the fiery oranges and yellows you might see at discount stores.  They also make room for matte textures which are very on trend.  You will notice green is still part of the palette as fall is a mixture of summer and winter which is what makes it such a beautiful season. 

2.  Mood Collage

Here are some samples of using these colors "in the wild".  I find that my busy lifestyle requires a more simple way of approaching both home decor and personal style.  I love all the classy, bougie things, but just don't have a lot of extra time to apply to it.  I like practical pieces like foliage and glass.  I like using books, throws and pillows that can just be easily changed out. 

3.  Time Saving Tips

Need more time saving tips to decorate with?  I've got you covered?  Check out this post on other tips to save time while decorating for the holidays. 

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