4 Step Guide to Glowing Skin & Dry Skin Relief

4 Step Guide to Glowing Skin & Dry Skin Relief

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The spring and early summer winds in Colorado have been brutal on my skin.  Well the wind, and the birthdays that keep coming!  I have had greater dry skin than normal and it has been the pits!  Research tells us that exposure to the elements of sun and wind causes pre-mature aging.  As we age we naturally lose oil glands and our bodies become less able to fight off these skin assassins.. and we lose our glow.  All hope isn't lost though! Here is 4 step process to keep your skin glowing.

1.  Start with a moisturizing body milk wash.  Body milk helps retain moisture rather than removing it like typical washes.
2.  Next, for glowing skin, you'll need to exfoliate with a moisturizing body polish or sugar scrub.  The scrubs are more gentle than other exfoliants.  They will remove dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling softer and smoother unveiling a bright and glowing complexion. This step prepares your skin to receive moisturizing agents at a deeper level. 
3.  Moisturize.  Natural moisturizers fool the body into believing the oils are its own oils and it will absorb lower into the epidermis.  Our body butter is made from all natural ingredients and will work its way down into the pores helping rejuvenate dry skin.
4. Lock in vitamins. The final step is to lock in that moisture and reverse damage.  Our body oil is as powerful as it is beautiful.  The natural oils lock in moisture while the vitamin e repairs hyperpigmentation, fine lines, age spots, and loose and saggy skin.  Yes!  I poured this all over lol!

Good skin care is important all of the time, but even more so as we age.  Here's to skin that matches the glowin you!  

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