The Kindness Connection to Joy

The Kindness Connection to Joy

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I can still remember 2021 in the restaurant world when there were staffing shortages across the country and we were plagued with so much unhappiness from the public.  Young employees were verbally abused so much that signs had to be placed on doors to remind people to be kind.  Those were tough times.  People were really just acting out of what was in their hearts.  It was a true outward expression of inward physical and mental turmoil of the world.  Many people have never really “made it back” from that dark place of unkindness.   But let's pause for a moment and consider this: what if I told you that practicing kindness could be your ticket to a happier and more fulfilling life? Research, like that conducted by Lyubomirsky in 2007, points to a fascinating link between acts of kindness and increased feelings of joy and overall well-being. 


The Science Behind Kindness and Well-being


Let's dive into the science for a moment, but don't worry, I'll keep it light and engaging! In her groundbreaking research, Lyubomirsky found that practicing kindness triggers a positive feedback loop within our brains and bodies. When we perform acts of kindness, our brains release a surge of feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, often referred to as the "love hormone." This chemical cascade creates a profound sense of connection and warmth within us, elevating our mood and nurturing a sense of well-being.


Furthermore, these acts of kindness don't just affect us in the moment; they have a lasting impact on our overall happiness. By consistently engaging in acts of kindness, we wire our brains to associate kindness with joy, making it more likely for us to experience elevated levels of happiness even when faced with life's challenges.


Kindness in Action: How It Works

Now that we've established the scientific basis, let's explore how to put kindness into action in our daily lives. Remember, it doesn't require grand gestures or extravagant displays – simple acts of compassion can create ripples of positivity.

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