Spring 2022 Style & Fashion Guide - Pt 1

Spring 2022 Style & Fashion Guide - Pt 1

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Lately I’ve been writing posts about experiencing and recovering from a severe case of burnout last fall. It would seem strange to pivot to something like fashion and style.  Actually, it’s all still part of it.  For many of us, when we go through difficult times, we neglect both our mental AND physical health.  Fashion and style used to be a fun thing I enjoyed and that took a backseat the last few years.  I didn’t have time or energy to waste on less important things.  Now though, I see taking time for my physical self very differently.  Taking time to play with fashion is entertainment, fun and a hobby that I’m excited to return to. It is one small way I am taking care of myself.

One of my goals this year has been to completely revamp my spring and summer wardrobe as a self-care task. This is hard work! Lol!  Instead of going to buy a few things here and there, I want to be purposeful and thoughtful about what I want and need.  So here’s what I’ve found in my research (also note that I am not partnering with any of the brands listed.  This is really what I found and think).

1.  Are you ready for this?  You might need to sit down.   After several years of neutral homes, clothes and everything in between, Spring 2022 is making a statement.  Think color. Think bright, bold and exciting color everywhere.  I know what you’re thinking.  We didn’t really see that about face coming.  But stick in here with me.  Next week we’ll be talking about some ways to add pops without doing your own complete closet clean.  So what does bright colors mean?  Here are a few color swatches that are being repeated in all the style sites internet wide.

    And, can we talk about the blue….cerulean blue.  Please tell me you know the scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep goes on a rant about cerulean blue.  If not, it’s linked here.  This is vital for you to appreciate the fact that this color is showing up everywhere.  It’s totally fun and I’m here for it!  What I’m noticing about the color though is that it’ actually rather earthy at the same time.  The blues are pulled from the sky and water, the pink from flowers, and the yellows from the joy of sunlight.  I definitely think this is a signal that our collective hearts are daring to have joy, but in a grounded kind of way.

2Traditional patterns and fabrics.   Gingham patterns in all colors were seen all over runways this year.  I love it!  There are such cute ways to incorporate this into your spring outfits but also home decor.  Gingham is a fabric that gives such a sense of comfort and well-being, maybe it’s because it’s the fabric our grandmother’s use to have.  I’m excited.  And if you love feeling close to grandma, you’ll love the other fabric trend.  Get this, partially crotched or knitted pieces will be hot.  Lol!  Did you ever think you’d hear those two words together when it comes to fashion again…crocheted and hot?!

    3. Finally, the other trend you might be excited about is low slung waists in both jeans and trousers.  Maybe you were like me ….actually a mom when mom jeans came out so that trend never caught on with you anyway.  (Because we all know that mom jeans and the gray hair fad) only looked good if you were not actually a mom.

Okay girl, hopefully this gives you a few ideas to start with.  I’ll be returning to your inbox at the end of the week to send some links to items in shops your way. (Make sure you’re subscribing to my emails!)

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