Spring 2022 Glamour Guide for Women 36+

Spring 2022 Glamour Guide for Women 36+

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When I set out to scour the internet for this Spring 2022 glamour trends guide, I didn’t realize how hard this would be. As the good qualitative self-care researcher, I am, I continued until I could find common glamour themes among leading experts. That proved more difficult than I thought. I have long suspected that magazines create themes based on a product paying for advertisement. I think that might actually be the case. If I did find themes, they were often pretty impractical. But alas, I have found some glamour trends I think you’ll both enjoy and be able to incorporate.  

First, if you’re like me taking renewed interest in all things self, you’ll want to start with a great base. I

recommend finding a quality skin care line that includes: cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing.

Getting disciplined with this will be the single biggest thing you can do to improve your overall glam

look. Well let’s dig into trends from top to bottom:


1. Brows

With all the to do on brows recently, I was wondering where things would go here. Brows are

remaining pretty much the same. There are two main styles. The fluffy and the detailed.

Personally, I think if you’re not used to brow care, it’s best to go with more of a fluffy while

using a brow pencil. I recently came across some great brow gel that helps them stay up like



2. Eyes

My research came across a resurgence in metallic eyeshadow. My first thought was sigh…..not

really practical if you’re over 40. Metallic eyeshadows can actually call attention to wrinkling

and look well, scary.  It was important for me to find examples of how to do this trend in a

classy and natural way. Below are a few looks for different skin types and eye colors.

What do you think? Will you try this out? Also in eyes are the double wing eyeliner.


give it a try!


3. Lips

A beautiful red lip is timeless and always in.  But, as someone who’s well versed in red lipstick, it can be quite dangerous too.  Your teeth must be sparkling white and you must have pretty full lips or they will look stern.


Luckily beautiful cool tone gloss lips are on trend again.  If you aren’t blessed with naturally full lips or if age is diminishing your beauties, a neutral lip color will make them appear larger.  The gloss also will make them appear larger.  My tip is to line your lips, color in with the liner, put the neutral color on and gloss the very middle. 


Finally, if you want to see a finished perfect look, check out this Tik Tok video I came across.  It’s absolutely perfectly on-trend.  I will be trying it this week!

Remember that taking time to do glam for yourself is more about playing and having fun with yourself.  I’m already impressed with ya! 😊

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