Spring 2022 Fashion and Style Guide - Pt 2

Spring 2022 Fashion and Style Guide - Pt 2

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In my last blog post, I shared three of the top Spring 2022 fashion trends heading our way. As a busy woman, I quit taking the time to even care what trends were IN in recent years.  That all changed last year when I went through a significant burnout experience. (Read more about that here).

One part of the burnout recovery program I created for myself was to start taking better care of my physical self.  This has included diving back into fashion and style like I loved at one time.  Taking the time to actually check in on fashion trends would have been a big no-no in the past.  I would have looked at it like a huge waste of time and not practical.  So, look at us being completely impractical here. (Yea to the over-achievers working to find balance!)  

In my last blog post (click here) I shared three things that are trending for spring.  The first thing is an explosion of color.  This has been a huge shift from recent years where neutrals were HOT in home and apparel.  The second thing I found in my research was the use of traditional fabrics.   I am in LOVVVEEE with the use of gingham everywhere.  Another traditional fabric/style is the use of crotched or knitted pieces.  I feel like that was done in the early 90’s, but it’s coming back.  Finally, to much excitement of mom’s everywhere, low slung trousers are back.

As a busy entrepreneur who may be at the market shop whipping up a batch of body lotion or at the restaurant hopping on the line to help the team, I need pieces that are fashionable yet functional.  I thought I would share the ideas and links I came up with (not sponsored or paid to promote 😊.

1.     1.  Color

Cerulean blue.  I'm going to spending more time on a search for this color.  I like to keep my pieces simple like this blouse.  It's flowy, breathable and I can move my arms in it.   

Fuchsia.  I have to say I was surprised to see fuchsia as a spring color.  BAM!  Talk about a big move away from neutrals. Here's a cute light sweater that is perfect for spring.  Spring weather can be unpredictable in Colorado.  You could even put a cute button up (gingham) under this for removable layers. 

Yellow.  I love yellow!  It's such a happy color.  However, with pale skin with pink undertones, yellow doesn't always agree with me.  I love the shade of yellow in this blouse for my skin tone.  I also like the this blouse for how girlie it is.

Olive.  Ohhh...I am such a green fan.  From green grass to olive which is hot this season.  When I first saw olive for spring I was surprised.  Usually olive is a fall or winter color.  However, this outfit shows how olive can be perfect for spring. 

2. Traditional patterns

Gingham.  I love this spring trend the most!.  Some of us might have remembered little gingham crop tops and kids.  I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to work this one.  Here is a cute blouse to get you started. Now if you like some more feminine, check this one out

Whether you dive in to these trends or not, the most important thing is to remember to have fun doing things with yourself. Exploring patterns and fashion is a fun way to learn to play as an adult woman with so many responsibilities.  Remember to tag me in whatever fun things you decide to try.  I’m here for it and can’t wait to see it!

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