The Perfect Sweater Do's & Don'ts

The Perfect Sweater Do's & Don'ts

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Look, I'm just going to be really transparent here.  My favorite sweater style ALWAYS has everything to do with what sweater style makes me look the skinniest at any time.  So, the perfect sweater do's and don'ts have everything to do with what adds bulk and what doesn't.  I know in these days we are accepting our bodies as they are, but I'm not quite there yet.  Sweaters can really add a bunch of unnecessary bulk so I am always a bit careful about what I select.  Over the years I've become quite an expert on what cuts, fabrics and textures are the best so I thought I would share them with you.  First, sweater don'ts:

1. Oversized Cardigans

This girl is super cute and can pull it off, but the cardigan completely hides your shape and adds size.

2. Textured turtlenecks

It's not that this is a turtleneck or that it has texture, it is the HEAVY material combined with the heavy texture and and turtle neck.  Again, it is adding weight and just looks frumpy.

3.  Straight lines

Because of the often thicker fabrics, sweaters tend to be cut straight which have the unfortunate effect of adding the appearance of weight that isn't actually there.  Fortunately there are many great options of sweaters that are cut slightly better that are much more flattering!

Ok, so let's get to the good part!  Here are some examples of some great sweater options and why:

1. Accentuate Hips

This sweater stops right at the waist.  It's recommended to get the smallest size you can because you can unintentionally add size.  It is slightly tailored so it is sliming as well.

2.  Layered in Style

Lighter sweaters can be used in fun layers that show your own personal style.  The top is a spring vibe while the bottom give off more of a fall vibe.  Both of these are tailored looks which allows your figure to shine through. 

3.  Baby's Got Back

There is something sophisticated sexy about this sweater.  The entire upper body is covered completely, but is fitted nicely around the hips to call attention to the booty and hips.  Perfect if you have a little more fluff around the middle.  A very feminine look, yet classy.

In the end, if you love a sweater and it make you feel great, than that sweater is for you!  This is just a do's and don'ts guide if you struggle finding a fit or style that you feel looks good. 

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