5 Tips For Your Family Eating Dinner Together

5 Tips For Your Family Eating Dinner Together

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If you're used to eating dinner on the go or solo, you're not alone. Life is hectic, but I find simple joy in getting my family eating dinner together. Here are a few tips that have worked for me in the past!

1. Set the table.

In busy times, I get in the habit of just pulling plates out and letting everyone grab their own. Taking time to set a space for everyone sets the tone for family time. Add fun touches to your table, too, like fancy folded napkins or fine china.

2. Tv & electronics off.

When you first start asking your family to put up their devices and turn off the television, they will be annoyed. Hang tough. It's hard to compete with other noise.

3. Conversation starters.

My family has done something called 'the pit and the peak' where we share our favorite thing that day and the worst thing. Sometimes this has helped us really give empathy to another family member, or we have ended up laughing really hard at funny awful things. We also learned how not to interrupt each other and learn other important social skills. It has helped create a norm in our family eating dinner together that we share heartache and happiness, and we are there for each other. Also, with pit and peak, it taught our kids that mom & dad have lives too and that we need to be heard and have empathy for as well. I feel like we have taught many life skills by discussing our own trials and how we have handled them. 

4. Fix Family Favorites.

Nothing encourages a family eating dinner together quite like their favorite dishes. On family night, fix food everyone loves: tacos, nachos, pizza, hamburgers, or even a hand-me-down family recipe. You can also use your family eating dinner together as an excuse for trying something new from a meal kit or meal subscription box.

5. Reserve a Day.

The more your kids grow up, the busier their schedules will be–and yours, too! Pick one day each week as an official family dinner night, during which everyone clears out an hour or two to sit down together. If your meal is planned, it's easier to schedule commitments around it!

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