Wendi's Top 5 Favorite Protein Snacks

Wendi's Top 5 Favorite Protein Snacks

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This year, I've been more focused on how I can add more protein. into my diet rather than calorie restriction or beating myself up in the gym.  I've historically had an aversion to too much meat, so getting it in in other ways has been REALLY helpful.  Just in case you also have some weight loss / health goals, I thought I would share what my favorite protein snacks are:

  1. Quest Tortilla Chips. If you are a chip lover, you are going to be so grateful to me for this one.  With anywhere from 19-20g of added protein and that magical crunchy chip sound. if you know, you know.  My favorite is the Chili lime.  Partly because they are so spicy that are hard to eat but taste so good they are an experience. I like to put them on a plate and make taco meat and end up having a great protein meal that is really filling.  I am going to expect a thank you note from you on this one:) 

2.  Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt. With 15g of protein, it's hard to believe these yogurts don't have any added sugar or artificial sweetener. But they are great when you have a sweet tooth, but want to add to your overall health goals. You can also add a little fruit to them for some added goodness.  They cherry is my favorite, but the vanilla is just fine. 

3.  Yasso Ice Cream Bars.  Although these only have 5 grams of protein, they are only 100 calories and are pretty tasty!  Again when you have a crazing for something sweet, this is a great way to get in more protein at the same time. 

4.  Legendary Pop Tarts.  Super good, kind of pricy, but really good frozen

5. Jack Link Jerky. This is an oldie but goodie.  I love the teriyaki best.  14g of protein per serving and only 100 calories.  It's a great option for long car rides. At least that's what I'm doing driving over these long mountain passes lol! 

Here's to accomplishing all of our health goals this year!  If this helped you at all, let me know! wendi@wendismarket.com.  I respond to and answer all my emails!

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