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Raw honey comb is a pretty and unique element to uplevel any charcuterie board.  A little goes a long way!  Just cut off a 2 in or less square.  


Local honeycomb from Berthoud, Co


These are absolutely one of my favorite things. Who knew a simple set of hand-carved measuring spoons would bring so much happiness? These measuring spoons are the perfect combination of practical and pretty. I feel excited to cook. 

Made by hand by artisans in Guatemala using natural macawood. This set will complement any kitchen and make any cook smile. Full set is 5" x 1 1/2". Each is unique, no two are exactly alike.


So beautiful, so fun, so gourmet. Up-level a pasta salad or pair this noodle with olive oil as a gift. I just love how something as simple as pasta can make someone smile. Break away from the boring and bland pasta life!



Garlic Parsley Fettuccine - Valente-[variant_title]-Wendi's Good Things Market

Trade in your boring fettuccine noodles for these!  they cook so quickly - in only 3 to 5 minutes.  A classic pasta, serve with marinara sauce and fresh vegetables or follow the recipe on the package.

Ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, dried parsley, dried garlic and water

12 oz


The perfect vehicle to compliment Maple Craft Syrup - together, forming an memorably flavorful and amazingly easy to prepare and enjoy meal. Just add water (egg and/or oil is optional). Each package is 1.5 pounds and makes about 16 pancakes.

Wheat Flour, Corn Flour, Rye Flour, Dextrose, Powdered Buttermilk, Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate And Salt. CONTAINS: WHEAT and MILK. Produced in a facility that also processes eggs, soy, and tree nuts.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1/3 cup (45g)
Amount Per Serving:
Calories 150
Fat From Calories 5
Total Fat 0.5g (1% DV)
Cholesterol 0mg
Fiber 2g (8% DV)
Sodium 650mg (27% DV)
Calcium 34g (11% DV)
Sugars 3g
Protein 3g
Calcium 20% DV
Iron 4% DV


Farfallario Bow Tie Pasta-[variant_title]-Wendi's Good Things Market
These colorful, small bow tie noodles are cheerful and taste wonderful. I love that this colorful pasta maintains its luminous color when cooked. Affectionately referred to as rainbow pasta, these are best served with butter and parmesan, pesto, or a cream sauce, to show off their beautiful colors.

*Organic Marella Pasta imported by Italian Harvest is a 2013 Silver sofi Award Winner for "Outstanding Product Line

A fantastic honey that has a butterscotch feel and taste. This Colorado honey was voted best tasting honey in the country by Taste TV! Great for baking or drizzling atop of some fresh baked bread.

16 oz squeezable bottle

Made in Berthoud, Colorado

Pad Thai is a famous Thai street-food noodle dish. The soaked dried rice noodles are flavored with several Thai spices including tamarind. Easy to follow instructions are included.
This kit includes 9 sachets:
Organic Rice Noodles.
Organic Dried Garlic.
Organic Dried Herbs.
Organic Pad Thai Sauce.
Organic Ground Peanuts.
Organic Ground Hot Chili (for extra Spice).
Organic Pad Thai ingredients comply with global standards for organic certified ingredients.
Made in Thailand
Forget the dull colored lasagna noodles you're used too!  Kick it up a notch with these beautiful lasagna noodles. Or, pair with some sauce and give as a gift!

When you want a high quality dark balsamic, this delivers! This 25-Star Dark Balsamic di Modena condimento is made from the highest quality Trebbiano grape must. This product is super thick and complex, layering flavor throughout. It possesses a balance of sweet and sour with perfect harmony and texture. At tastings, customers regularly say, "Wow!" and "Incredible!"

Notes of plum, honey and cherry make this vinegar exceptionally appealing and unique. With no thickeners or additives, this product achieves a new level of excellence.

Region: Modena

Made in Santa Fe, New Mexico


I love the pretty colors in this fettuccine which combines carrots, beets and spinach pasta, great with primavera vegetables or follow our recipe on the package.

Ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, spinach, carrot and beet powder, and water

I love a pasta with color.  This spinach linguine is a rich earthy pasta, great with pesto or follow our plant-based recipe on the back of the package. Ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, spinach powder, and water

Pour - Stir - Bake -- Just add beer to make the best bread ever! 

A comfort bread. The classic packs the perfect balance of contrast between sweet and salty. A moist, fluffy texture to enjoy with any meal. - 100% all natural ingredients. - Dairy-free and soy-free. - Made in a nut-free facility


A $39 value.

There are some flavors of the the Southwest that you can only get from the true southwest. With this set, give the gift of authentic southwest spice. Includes:

  • New Mexico Red Chili Olive Oil (12.68 fl oz)
  • Chipotle Angel Hair Pasta (12 oz)
  • Chile Pequin seasoning package (4 oz)

Comes packaged in our signature gift box with personalized gift card. 

Give a gift of the Southwest with these high quality pair of products: 25 Star dark Balsamic & New Mexico Green Chile Olive Oil
Lemon Pepper Linguine - Valente-[variant_title]-Wendi's Good Things Market

This is the perfect pasta for seafood!  It is tangy with just a hint of black pepper.  You can use it hot or cold and it cooks in only 3 to 5 minutes. 

12 oz

Ingredients: unbleached wheat, flour, lemon juice powder, crushed black pepper, and water


I love this honey that has a distinctive citrus flavor.  It's wonderful drizzled across fruit, or better yet....chocolate!



Made in Berthoud, Colorado


Fernandez Chile Co. Alamosa, Colorado

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