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Grab and go snack packs are great in eliminating all the extra planning and packing. Just toss a bag of these mixed nuts consisting of jumbo cashews, mammoth pecan halves, whole almonds, and filberts.

These are also great to have on hand for a charcuterie board when you don't feel like buying several different kinds of nuts.  It's just enough to add to the spread.

1.75 oz


Mixed nuts are packed with protein and nutrients that are good for you, your body and brain. Reach for a handful of nuts in between meals, while watching a movie, or when having friends and family over. Either way, our collection of nuts add just the right amount of crunch and roasted flavor!

Hearty and Healthy Pantry Staples

Stock up your pantry with spices, oils and vinegar, and jams and jelly. These ingredients are long-lasting, and full of flavor and nutrients to keep you fueled from day to night. Pro tip: keep your pantry organized with these tips from our blog!

About Wendi from Wendi’s Good Things Market

Wendi’s Good Things Market is owned by Wendi Seger, entrepreneur from Colorado. With a love of food, home decor, handcrafted goods, Wendi curated her favorite pieces all in one space. The goal: build a connected community and share the spirit of living a purposeful and joyful life. Each piece is carefully selected with love for not only the product, but also the maker. And as a female entrepreneur, Wendi intentionally promotes women-owned business.

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