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We love this southern delicacy of natural watermelon rind Rind pickled with clove, allspice, ginger and cinnamon.  It's great on it's own or on a charcuterie board to add some unique variety. 

Smokn' Okra - Pickled Pink-[variant_title]-Wendi's Good Things Market
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I'll be honest, I was so surprised when we started carrying smokn' okkra from Pickled Pink.  It flew off the shelf!  People love pickled okra!  This flavor is deep southern okra pods pickled, with a hint of heat to make you want more each time.

Sweet Soulshine Sweet Pickles - Doux South-[variant_title]-Wendi's Good Things Market
Even if you're not a huge fan of sweet pickles, you'll love these!  You will love this amazing “bread & butter” pickle. Thick and crunchy slices with celery, onion, and turmeric giving it a unique take on a classic.

These are one of our most popular pickled items we carry at our restaurant in Alamosa, Colorado.  The jalapeños are all-natural, thick cut fresh peppers.  They are sweet on the front, with a bite on the back.

Thick cut fresh jalapeno’s pickled with cane sugar, and garlic. Enjoy on any charcuterie platter, cheese platter. 16oz. 2 plus year shelf life.

Pickled Red Onions - Pernicious Pickling Co-[variant_title]-Wendi's Good Things Market

Look, I had never had a pickled onion before, I was skeptical.  However, if you've ever been to our restaurant in Alamosa, Colorado, and tried our Baja Fish Tacos, you would know why I've become a believer.  These pair wonderfully with slow-cooked and grilled meats and fish, splash a little brine onto fresh oysters, mix into a mashed potatoes, or drink in a Sweet 'n Sour Martini.

NGREDIENTS: red onions, apple cider vinegar, organic sugar, water, celery seed, mustard, crushed red pepper, salt, dill (Please note: We do not use artificial colors or ingredients so the Onions will naturally fade over time from a bright pink to lighter hue)

Perfectly Pickled Peaches - Pickled Pink-[variant_title]-Wendi's Good Things Market
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Ok, pickling peaches, or rather eating them, had never crossed my mind.  But this year, the year of trying new things, meant trying this.  I am in love!  I love the hint of cinnamon and clove paired with a bit of red pepper. 

Such a unique product!  Eat them out of the jar, or try roast some on pork!  So good!


This southern cuisine is a take on a tradition in the south to top dishes with cabbage and other mixed veggies.  Chow Chow is made of picked cabbage and red peppers and is a great topper for any dish.  Great in soups or as a salad or pasta topper. 



16 oz


I have to admit, I bought my first jar of Angry Cukes simply because I thought the name was funny! Turns out they're delicious. These cucumbers are brined and bathed in vinegar with added chili flakes and mustard seed for an unexpected and fun flavor kick. 

16 fl oz (473 ml)


Obsessed with pickles? Whether you love to snack on dill pickles plain or you prefer to add pickles to your favorite sandwiches, we’ve got you covered with our curated gourmet pickles that taste like homemade pickles your grandma makes! They look beautiful on your shelf, and make for great treats for yourself or gifts for the pickle lover in your life.

3 Uniquely Delicious Ways to Use Pickles

Pickles are more versatile than you’d think! Here are 3 ways we love to eat pickles! 1. Pickled Guacamole: Ever tried the combination of pickles and avocado? Grab some tortilla chips and you’re good to go! 2. Pickle Pizza: Get creative and try adding pickles to the mix during your next pizza night. 3. Peanut Butter + Pickles: Who says weird and delicious can’t go together?! If you try this odd combination -- let us know what you think and if we’re the only ones who can’t get enough of this odd duo!

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