Tips for Building a Timeless Wardrobe in Your 40s

Tips for Building a Timeless Wardrobe in Your 40s

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Did you know the phrase, “What should a 40-year-old woman wear” has been searched 447,000,000 times? It’s a question we women ask ourselves as we get older and as our bodies change and sometimes we’re not quite sure what to do. So, I've come up with a few tips for building a timeless wardrobe in your 40s.


Last year, when I eagerly began my complete closet cleanout, I neglected to really consider what I would replace it with, or just how hard it would be to build it again. I was excited to start my wardrobe over.  My clothing had become tired and worn, not having replaced most things in years. It was time.  


On-purpose shopping in my 40s is much different than the fast fashion days of my 20s. I'm no longer interested in a closet full of useless, inexpensive clothing I may or may not wear again OR that look worn after just a few uses. 


While everyone’s style and fashion choices are different there are a few basic ideas I have used to build a modern wardrobe in my 40s, that I actually like. So, here are my top four tips to build a timeless wardrobe in your 40s. Disclaimer, these are my opinions only. If you have something that makes you feel amazing, then it's perfect for you!


1. Focus on quality. This is where the 'less is more' philosophy comes into play. It's better to have a few high-quality pieces than to have tons of poorly made items that won't last long. Look for high-quality fabrics such as linen, silk, wool, and even cotton. 


So how do you know if your clothes are high quality? Check for things like if you can see through the fabric, even lightweight fabrics like silk shouldn’t be seethrough. High-thread count jeans will feel a bit heavy and stiff when you first put them on. They will wear over time, but the stiffness and heaviness at first are a sign of high thread count.


Another way to check for quality in clothing is pulling at the seams, if you see gaps, it’s not well-made. Also, check at the seams to make sure the patterns match up, if they don’t that’s another sign of poorly made clothing.


2. Timeless. It is tempting to jump on trends such as a cut-out shoulder, chevron pattern, or perhaps neon colors. Jumping on the newest trend will render your wardrobe outdated within a season. It’s always best to buy what you know you will always wear and what makes you feel comfortable. It’s also like the idea of ‘eat right for your blood type’ you should Dress for Your Body Type. So, if the trendy crop top isn’t your thing or doesn’t work with your body type, don’t buy it! 


Your wardrobe is all about how YOU wear it, so if you are comfortable and confident in your clothes, that’s the best trend of them all! Be sure to also read about how to Build a Capsule Wardrobe.


3. Tailored to fit. In our 40s many women begin dealing with hormonal issues and struggle with weight fluctuations. Our first response is often to cover and hide our bodies. Before we know it, our wardrobe is full of dresses that look more like potato sacks and cover-ups that hang all the way to our knees.


Another trend that isn't the best for those struggling with weight is the extremely ripped jean look. Every vertical cut across the leg from left to right cuts up the leg and adds volume to the leg and makes the leg shorter.


The key, as I mentioned before, is to dress right for your body type. Buying clothes that are tailored to your body type is where you will always win. Buy clothes that accentuate the right parts of your body, don’t just cover up from head to toe. 


4. Get excited. If you don’t like it in the dressing room or aren’t 100% but “it’s on sale,” don’t buy it! Think about your reaction the next time you try something on in the fitting room. If you aren’t like, heck yes I love this, then don’t get it. If you do, soon you’ll be left with a wardrobe you’re only sort of excited about and no one needs that energy!


Building a timeless wardrobe in your 40s that makes you feel good about yourself takes a keen eye and practice. I've found myself getting frustrated and sending things back a lot. I would normally feel bad about that, but I have to remind myself that if the fashion industry would design for all women, and make it easy for us, I wouldn't even need to be writing this blog post lol!

Anyway, we're in this together! As I continue to build my wardrobe, I'll pass on tips and tricks and send them your way.  Much love, as we continue to grow and learn together.

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