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Great Sand Dunes Mild Salsa

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Welcome to the world of flavor and joy! Introducing Great Sand Dunes Mild Salsa, a true culinary delight named after the magnificent national park in Alamosa,  Colorado. Imagine sitting on a picturesque farm, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature, and taking that first dip into our jar of mild salsa. The vibrant colors and natural textures perfectly capture the essence of the national park that inspired its name. As you indulge in the savory goodness, you'll feel a sense of tranquility and happiness, as if you've been transported to the heart of Colorado's majestic landscapes.

At Wendi's Good Things Market, we believe in more than just great taste. Our mission is to help others live a more joyful, purposeful life. And what better way to spread happiness than through the goodness of our delectable mild salsa?

Savor the natural goodness of hand-picked tomatoes, perfectly blended with a hint of smoky goodness and a medley of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Each jar is lovingly crafted to capture the essence of the scenic landscapes that surround us, allowing you to experience the spirit of Colorado with every bite.

Why choose our Mild Salsa?

  1. Sensational Taste: Our salsa strikes the perfect balance between mild and flavorful. It's ideal for those who prefer a gentler heat that doesn't overpower the natural tastes of the ingredients.

  2. Locally Sourced Ingredients: We take pride in supporting our community by using locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients. Every jar embodies the vibrant essence of Colorado's fertile lands.

  3. Crafted with Love: Our salsa is a labor of love. Meticulously crafted in small batches, we ensure that each jar maintains the highest quality and flavor.

  4. Versatile and Delicious: Great Sand Dunes Salsa isn't just for chips! Elevate your favorite dishes by using it as a marinade, a zesty topping for grilled meats, or a delightful addition to your recipes.

  5. A Journey to Joy: With every purchase of Great Sand Dunes Salsa, you become a part of our mission to spread joy and purpose. A portion of our proceeds goes towards supporting local charities and initiatives that make a positive impact on people's lives.

Bring home a jar of Great Sand Dunes Salsa today and experience the taste of happiness. Let the flavors transport you to the majestic landscapes of Colorado, where joy and purpose intertwine. Embrace the farm-to-table goodness and be a part of our mission to live a more joyful, on-purpose life, one salsa jar at a time.

Made in Alamosa, Colorado Wendi's Good Things Market products are handmade with love and care. Bringing Good Things from our home to yours.

Ingredients: Crushed Tomatoes (Peeled ground tomatoes, extra heavy tomato puree and salt), water, whole kernel corn, black beans, onions, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, garlic, salt, cilantro, cornstarch & citric acid


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