breakfast boxes, wendi's good things market
breakfast boxes, wendi's good things market
Breakfast at the Flower Farm Gift Box
Breakfast at the Flower Farm Gift Box

Breakfast at the Flower Farm Gift Box

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Introducing the "Breakfast at the Flower Farm" Gift Box by Wendi's Good Things Market

Every morning is a great time to indulge with our breakfast boxes, carefully curated by Wendi's Good Things Market for a delightful experience. Your sweet tooth will thank you with our breakfast syrups, apple butter and fruit preserves. Perfect on pancakes, waffles, toast and anything you can think of!

Embrace the essence of an elevated farm brand with a wine-country vibe as you savor the heartwarming flavors of our thoughtfully assembled breakfast boxes. With a mission to bring joy and purpose to your life, we invite you to embark on a journey of delectable tastes and joyful moments.

Contents of the Gift Box:

1. American Apple Pie Syrup: Experience the rich, classic flavor of American syrup, evoking memories of cozy breakfasts at grandma's farmhouse. The smooth and luscious taste of this timeless syrup will perfectly complement your morning pancakes and waffles, creating an authentic farm-to-table experience.

2. Bear Town Blueberry Syrup: Immerse yourself in the essence of a sun-kissed blueberry farm with our Bear Town Blueberry Syrup. Bursting with the sweetness of plump, juicy blueberries, this syrup adds a fruity twist to your breakfast, making each bite a celebration of nature's finest offerings.

3. San Luis Valley Apple Butter: Savor the taste of handcrafted goodness with our San Luis Valley Apple Butter. Made with love and care, this velvety spread combines the purest apples from the farm, creating a symphony of flavors that will elevate your morning toast or pastry to new heights.

4. Rocky Mountain Cherry Preserves: Embark on a journey through the picturesque Rocky Mountains with our luscious Cherry Preserves. Packed with succulent cherries, this preserve encapsulates the essence of nature's bounty and will leave your taste buds enchanted with its tangy-sweet allure.

5. Plaid Napkin with Wood Shred Detail: Enhance the visual appeal of your breakfast spread with our charming plaid napkin, adorned with wood shred details. This elegant touch adds a rustic farmhouse charm to your dining table, elevating your breakfast experience to a level of sophistication.

Why Choose "Breakfast at the Flower Farm" Gift Box?

  • Premium Quality Ingredients: Wendi's Good Things Market prides itself on sourcing the finest ingredients from trusted farmers and artisans. Each item in this gift box is crafted with love and care, ensuring an authentic farm-to-table experience with every bite.

  • Thoughtful Curation: Our team has meticulously handpicked the items in this gift box to provide you with a well-balanced breakfast assortment. From classic American syrup to unique Bear Town Blueberry Syrup and handcrafted preserves, every product harmonizes to create a breakfast symphony.

  • Spread Joy and Purpose: By choosing our "Breakfast at the Flower Farm" gift box, you support Wendi's Good Things Market's mission of spreading joy and inspiring purposeful living. With each delightful bite, you can savor not only the flavors but also the fulfillment of contributing to a greater cause.

Embrace the heartwarming flavors of the countryside and let the "Breakfast at the Flower Farm" Colorado gift box bring the joy of farm living to your doorstep. Whether you gift it to a loved one or treat yourself, this exquisite assortment promises to make every breakfast a memorable and meaningful experience. Elevate your mornings with Wendi's Good Things Market today!


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