Organic Rose Flower Bath Salts
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Organic Rose Flower Bath Salts

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Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating experience of our Organic Rose Flower Bath Salts, a harmonious blend of premium ingredients crafted to elevate your bath time to a new level of bliss.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Dead Sea Salt: Dive into the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea as you indulge in our bath salts. Renowned for its therapeutic properties, Dead Sea salt soothes and revitalizes the skin, leaving you with a sense of relaxation and well-being.

  2. Pink Himalayan Salt: Mined from ancient sea deposits, pink Himalayan salt is a source of essential minerals that promote detoxification and balance. Let the soothing embrace of these salts transport you to a state of tranquility.

  3. Jasmine and Rose Essential Oils: Awaken your senses with the delicate and enchanting aromas of jasmine and rose. These essential oils not only add a luxurious fragrance to your bath but also contribute to a calming and uplifting atmosphere, promoting a serene mind and body connection.

  4. Dried Rose: Experience the beauty of dried rose petals scattered throughout your bath. Beyond their visual appeal, dried rose petals release their natural essence into the water, creating a truly immersive and sensorial experience.

At Noelle Botanicals, we believe in the transformative power of self-care, and our Organic Rose Flower Bath Salts are designed to be a reflection of that belief. As you soak in the goodness of Dead Sea salt and pink Himalayan salt, let the enchanting scents of jasmine and rose surround you, creating a haven of relaxation in the comfort of your own bath.

Indulge in the luxury of our Organic Rose Flower Bath Salts, where every ingredient is thoughtfully chosen to provide you with a spa-like experience at home. Embrace the serenity, rejuvenate your senses, and let the cares of the day melt away. Because at Noelle Botanicals, we believe in nurturing not just your skin but also your soul. Elevate your bath time ritual with the pure beauty of nature's bounty.


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